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Pan Tecnology’s has developed a system for making pre-proofed frozen dough. The system is innovative, very simple and, what we believe to be, the very best system available on the market today.
We are presently involved in promoting and licensing our system to baking concerns.

Advantages of Pan Tecnology’s System

  • It makes incomparably good baked products.
  • It is simple and applicable to any baking system
  • The system can be used for any type of bread and any size, shape and weight.
  • You do not need to change your baking ingredients.
  • You do not need to use chemical additives.
  • Frozen dough maintains its optimum quality in freezer
  • Storage for a period of five weeks.
  • It can be baked in any type of standard baking oven.
  • The freshness of the baked bread lasts over twenty-four hours.
  • The baked bread is re-freezable.
  • It is natural
Advantages of Using Frozen Pre-proofed Dough
  • No waiting time necessary for proofing.
  • Pre.proofed frozen dough goes directly from freezer to baking oven.
  • The pre-proofed dough is easily stored in a freezer.
  • Bake fresh bread at anytime you like.
  • No nighttime working hours necessary for preparing dough.
  • No specialized labour is necessary for baking.
  • A single dough-producing unit can supply multiple baking locations and outlets.

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